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that is what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." are's watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland at 4:30. a mother is desperately pleading for your help. i am linda so. her baby boy is missing. we will show you pictures. and are you headed downtown? look out. construction for the grand prix race begins to morning. how they are getting ready for it and how to get around it. we will breakdown what happened in norway that has officials calling it a terrorist attack and why the suspect says he wants to speak out in court. those stories are ahead on this monday morning. good morning. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. it was a pretty miserable weekend. >> very hot. >> can we finally be getting
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relief. could a cool down be on the way? >> we had a day we didn't hit a hundred. we had big storms blow through especially anne arundel county. some went to ocean city where the detour was delayed because of the weather. we are at 78 and it feels like 84. we have the nasty heat index at this hour. many days into the heatwave, storms still around the eastern shore. watch the pivot-- watch these pivot around. i think we will have ourselves a partly cloudy morning. probably more clouds than we are showing. we will go to 9 # but there will be heavy downpours developing as well. how about traffic? >> reporter: we have no accidents reported. baltimore city or baltimore county. good way to start out the morning. let's look at the beltway. we have no incidents reported there either. this is 695 at wilkins avenue. very light traffic building in
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both directions. outer loop on the left a few cars but no incidents to report. we are dealing with construction on 95 northbound before 216. two left lanes are closed for repaving. we have a disabled vehicle # 95 northbound at harbor tunnel. northbound tube is closed also roadwork 295 northbound between west firstry and the beltway that will be probably -- another hour. he is 7 months old and this morning he is at the center of a search. police say the baby boy disappeared from his west baltimore home and is believed to be with a 16-year-old baby sitter. linda so is live downtown baltimore this morning with where police are looking for the baby. linda. >> reporter: well, the search is beyond baltimore city. police have reason to believe the baby-sitter miter closer to the d.c. area and prince george's or montgomery county. her name is janae boozer can facial pierceings and police say the teen was seen walking
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away with 7-month-old ki 'yauhn birch last fright. baby's father charlie birch says he asked her to watch his son to go down the street for cigarettes. the father says he didn't know janae she came to the house with a friend. police questioned the father and the baby's mother whitney mcgee is pleading for her son's safe return. >> how this girl walking through baltimore is they and don't see -- city and don't nobody see her. she walks off with a baby and nobody knows nothing. something don't sound right. >> reporter: at this point, police are not considering this an abduction but say it's a missing person's case. they don't believe that the baby has been harmed. live in downtown baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. police are investigating a crash in anne arundel county that left a 52-year-old man dead. it happened saturday night in glen burnie.
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police say the victim james cockrel was riding a homemade motorcycle when he lost control. another rider wrecked avoiding hitting an oncoming car that may have crashed the -- crossed the center line when cockrell lost control. alcohol and speed appear to be factors in the crash. local authorities and coast guard crews are etching for under a you bauer -- searching for andrew bauer. he was said to be wearing blue swimming trunks and no shirt or life jacket. maryland natural resources police and merrill state police are assisting in the search. construction for the grand prix begins later today in front of the inner harbor amp pi theaterch the corn -- amphitheater. it will be put in place around 7 tonight signifying the start of construction on the temporary street track. it will run labor day weekend.
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if you want more information about the construction and the street closures, visit and we will have a live report on abc2 news at 6. all right. groups across maryland will gather to demand congress avoid balancing a budget as they say "on the backs of seniors, children and those of disabilities" they will meet at the u.s. social security building protesting. congressional proposals to cut a trillion duelars -- dollars through medicaid, medicare and social security and allowing tax loopholes for larger corporation. despite a weekend of talks concerning the debt, there's no deal between the president and congressional leaders. house speaker john boehner says they have not presented any budgetary plans and they are not serious about cutting spending. despite congressional republicans efforts. the president however says he won't accept any temporary solutions presented by republicans saying that the debt ceiling must be extended
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beyond the next election cycle in 2012. >> you don't change things-- negotiations are not over until people signed a-- seen a piece of paper. president and speaker were extremely close. >> the indecision will affect wall street which could be off to a shaky start with no debt deal in place imlt military members in new hampshire got a special visit. first lady michelle obama stopped by the national guard army to show appreciation for service. the message simple. thanking the men and women for what they have done and their sacrifice. she and dr. jill biden spoke with military members and their families as part of the joining forces initiative in an efforts to help military families during the difficult times. well, the summer heat is taking its toll on all of us. for some people, they are getting creative when it comes to cooling down. >> you have to. one man's eng nudity is bringing a-- eng nudity is --
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ingenuity is bringing a smile to faces. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. a live look this morning at the nation's capitol. debt talks continue and it will be a busy week up on the hill.
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my "good morning -- now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. kids in lacrass, wisconsin found a slippery way to cool off with the hot temperatures and all it took is good signs an a water hose. look at this. a local man responsibilityed billboard signs and laid them out and turned it into a giant slip and slide. it gave players a local -- at a local baseball tournament to get clean and stay cool. >> that's awesome. you catch the irony. they are playing baseball and lacrosse. 75 in easton.
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and 79 columbia. we have got the heat and the humidity. -- humidity still with us. we watched showers in the -- on the eastern shore. watching our future radar, which incates there may be a push from the ocean -- indicates there may be a push from the ocean westward up towards harford and bel air. york pa and stretching down the chesapeake this is an early afternoon event. could be another not a heavy rain developing and a cold front drops humidity. today, showers and strong storms. the potential for torrential downpours will develop and we will talk about that coming up with cooler temperatures. tonya, we are going to look at that traffic in a moment. but this should be the last of the sultry stu. we have a little improvement on the way. how about the traffic? >> reporter: good morning. we are doing okay. still accident free in the city and baltimore county. really just dealing with construction right now. let's look at 695 at liberty road. on the outer loop 79 -- construction is at 795.
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and security boulevard to 795 so traffic is moving through here. we do have some roadwork 95 northbound before 216. two left lanes for repaving work is wrapping up. back to you. >> thanks a lot. a program to help save the chesapeake gets underway in baltimore this morning beginning at 8. the mayor and environmental group blue water baltimore and artist are going to burn about an acre of land at the academy for college and career exploration. it's a parking lot that will be tuned into a outdoor education -- turned into a outdoor education center. it's helping to reduce pollution across the chesapeake. norwegian investigators are trying to piece together what happened following reports of friday's bombing and massacre at a summer camp. >> reporter: we will have all new information on the attacks in norway including what's happening this morning in the investigation in france. also coming up, we will introduce you to this guy. how he turned his battle with
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eplessy -- epilepsy into a mess ogee we can all benefit. you -- message we can all benefit. ÷x#
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4:44. five things to know before heading out this morning. if you live in howard county, executive ken ullman wants to hear from you. it's chance to talk to lawmakers at a public forum tonight and you can ask a question or comment or any other question beginning at the 7 this evening. new medical facility for kids is set to open up in baltimore. it's a hospice center for children that will offer in- patient treatment today. it will offer improved quality for the life of children with terminal illnesses. this is the first facility of its kind on the east coast. the two new is you expect he in the dodger stadium --
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suspects in the dodger stadium beating will be arraigned in los angeles. a san francisco giants fan was left with brain damage after the vilents a dodger stadium. the woman accusing dominic straws counsel of -- strauss- kahn of rape is speaking out. she said she identified herself and that's when she says she saw a man with no clothes and after a brief conversation, says he attacked her. lawyers of strauss-kahn says it's a ploy and he is expectedded in court next sunday. the nfl labor fight may be to an end. the players are set to sign a deal. they say they have bridged the differences on a 10-year agreement. and the wheels are in motion to begin free agencies and training camp by the weekend. new developments this morning in the terrorists attacks in norway. >> the bombing in oslo happened on friday and an hour later
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nearly 100 people were dead on an island north of oslo. the attorney for anders breivik is looking into the document he published online. sherrie johnson is here with details we learned overnight. >> reporter: all new this morning, we have learned that royal court says crown princess merit stepbrother way as mong those killed. we learned that french police are raiding the house of the father of anders breivik who has his first court date today. he is charged with a car bombing friday that killed 7 people and savage shooting spree at the youth camp where the dead are being counted. under 100 people were killed but the number is expected to rise because there's some missing. hours before the attack, he posted a political manifesto online talking about muslim immigration to europe and urges
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cult ram conservatives to embrace martyr dom and confessed to the attacks and survivors are dazed by the brush with death. >> i could feel the warmth from the barrel when he pulled the trigger. >> in his head, they were necessary. >> reporter: now police in norway say anders breivik had ammunition left and victims bodies are being recovered. >> thank you. news from around the nation, a -- nation. a teen in california buried alive at the beach and luckily she is still alive. angelica was digging a sand tunnel with her family when the tunnel collapsed and buried the 17-year-old from her head to her knees. now a bystander saw it happen and she was pulled out and he she was blue and heartbeat feint and she is expected to be fine. 14 boys were in -- are in
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critical condition during survival skills hike in alaska in that wilderness. the victims and the other members of the groups were rescued when an emergency beacon went off. there was no guide with the group because they were wrapping up a month-long backpacking course. and this morning, investigators will be on the scene of a plane crash that happened in eastern illinois. look at this video from after the crash. aircraft crashed on sunday in an open field and the plane took out several power lines as it crashed. all three people on board of that plane died no word on a cause yet. >> the more same sex couples plan to mary in new york state. well wedding bells were ringing for -- wedding bells were ringing for hundreds of couple there -- couples there. the ceremony was extra special because they got their boss michael bloomberg to official eight the ceremony. >> therefore by the powers vested in me by the state of new york, i pronounce you both
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married. >> they are two staffers for the mayor and the couple has been together for 14 years. here you can see the two daughters also taking part in the celebration. the couple was among more than 700 pairs to wed in new york sunday and the first day same sex marriage became legal in new york. 4:49. in this morning's health news, scientist are in a race to develop a male birth control pill that will be a alternative for condoms. it would work to a woman's pill to lower the sperm count to levels not conducive to consection. it's made of testosterone and projesterone that stops the production of herm. is there something fore about your diet? doctors call fish oils a good fat. they are packed with omega 3 fatty acid and provide a variety of benefit to your
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body. fish oil fats decrease inflammation in the body resulting in reduced risk of inflammatory diseases. doctors say the studies linked fish oils to a decreased risk of vardo -- cardiovascular dies sees and depression. you can find it in salmon tuna and herring. most 7-year-old are standing in line to see a favorite band or get a video game but not this guy. evan moss has people standing in line for him at a book signing because he wrote a book called my seizure dog. he has epilepsy and that taught him he thought maybe it would be a good idea to have a service dog and wrote a book about it. it was his sister's idea to publish it and use the funds to get the dog. >> the dog will eat pizza with me. if i go to out of space, the dog will come, too. >> a lot of people here we know but the majority of the people in the line we have never met.
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>> incredible. it's a big crowd. the book 26 pages long and evan did the illustrations himself. the moss family needs 13,000 dollars to get the dog that was outlined in the book. >> a great big sister. >> i hope he gets it. >> it was his sifter's idea. >> the dog will eat pizza. >> and go to outer space. >> but if they watch the news fish is better for him. that's what i learned this morning. fish is good for you. >> something else we heard, it's still hot. >> yes. check out the numbers. i want to show you something. it's 78 in baltimore. we talked about our heat index up to 84 degrees. still 70s in the mid-70s back in megan's homeland of southeastern michigan. detroit area coming in with 75. it drops to 70 back towards green bay and look at that 58 in international falls. that's not going to reach us this go around but a sign ofcooler, drier air and we drop the humidity behind a frontal bondry. the front is showing up and
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getting more prominent here. a very soupy environment but we will be watching the winds shift behind the frontal boundaryswinging through our area heading in through tonight and tomorrow morning. there is that potential for torrential downpours in this soupy environment. lift we get and the lower humidity that will follow and we will get a taste of that. wait another day or two and it will feel so much better. eastern wind this morning may help to fire up and flare up late morning storms. we will have to watch out for anything this morning into the afternoon hours because of the moisture in the environment, torrential downpours could contain a quick one to two inches of rain. we had that over the weekend. and in some parts of anne arundel don'ty eastern shore had it yesterday and up towards york, p.a. on friday evening. a frontal bondry works through here getting through tomorrow. one push tomorrow evening and it gets nicer. today, locally heavy rain. 92 will do it. guarantee will drop to 69 overnight and tomorrow is going to be much better.
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oh, a little better. we will look for scattered storms and we will talk about the extended forecast and the true drop in humidity coming up in moment. here tonya with the traffic. >> reporter: pretty well on the interstates. will yerl -- the earlier disabled vehicle is gone. let's look at 95 just north of 195. no problems to report here. we have traffic in both directions. a little heavier southbound to the right of the screen. we are wrapping up roadwork on 95 northbound before 216. those two left lanes had been closed for roadwork earlier. also, 295 northbound between west firstry and the beltway -- nursery and the beltway, the is wrapping up. back to you. >> thanks. a train crash in china leeks more than 30 people head sending more than 200 to the hospital -- leaves more than 30 people dead and more than 200 heading to the hospital. >> you don't live outside your means but inside your
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environmental means. >> how one village is showing love for environment and adding that to the classroom. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. back to washington with a live look at our nation's capitol.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. in world news this morning, at least two dozen people are rushed to an area hospital after protesters and residents clashed yet again in egypt. the clashes broke out because protesters stood up against the defense ministry. they say they are upset at the low pace of reform and they are camping out. they want the head of egypt's ruling military and want him to resign. in china, the investigation
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continues this that left 35 people dead and more than 200 injured. witnesses say a lightning strike knocked out power and caused the bullet train to stop on the tracks. that's when the other train traveling in the same direction rammed into the back of it. four cars fell from an elevated bridge. this is the first crash of the high speed rail since it went into service just four years ago. 4:57. severe drought in parts of africa are affecting thousands of families forcing them to flee to the somali capital to seek food and shelter. an al-qaeda linked militia group says they will prevent international aide workers from operating in the area controlled by the group. they deny famine take place and disrupting the view that tens of thousands of people died. aimagine -- imagine your kids having class outside and part of the lessons growing rice. in bali they have a school made
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of bamboo. kid from nursery age through 8th grade can attend. he calls it a holeistic education with a special emphasis on the environment. the school has steep fees and is international not just for kids from bali. >> reporter: if you are a a parent, you can relate to this. i am linda so. a beeny boy is missing from baltimore -- baby boy is missing from baltimore. how you can help with the search to bring him home. i know the president is worried about the next election but shouldn't we be worried about the country. >> the debate continues on capitol hill between congressional republicans and democrats over the debt ceiling. could a deal be in place before the august 2nd deadline. also ahead this morning. quitting your online addiction. is it easy to do? we will tell you what experts are saying ahead. those stories are ahead this monday morning. it's the 25th of july. i can't believe it's almost
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august. >> it is almost august. and it's been really hot these past couple days. but could a cool down be in store? can we talk about getting into fall? let's get a check on the weather. >> the back to school sales are out. that's a start right? for the first time in several days we didn't hit 100. 99 easton and down towards ocean city 98. they had big boomers flare up. this morning, the weather station is out perhaps because of the storms. and 78 in baltimore. but, it feels like 84, the humidity and mugginess are with us on this monday. and storms in the eastern shore, it may work around. we have an eastern wind and disturbance coming from the west. not a full front but the front itself is going to

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